Non-skiers in Morzine

Never fear, there's plenty for skiers and non-skiers to do in Morzine - it has it all!

If you are a skier taking a ‘day off’, a non-skier or just one of those people who loves being in the mountains and on the snow, then Morzine is a fabulous place to try and experience alternative winter sports or you can have a relaxing day of pampering.  It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert, there is something for everyone no matter what age.

Snow-shoeing in Morzine

Listen to the satisfying crunch of snow beneath your feet as you trek through pristine winter wildernesses: climb a snowy peak for un-spoilt winter views, or play around in the snow just for the sheer joy of it!  Walking through snow with the aid of snow-shoes is an excellent way to travel through the winter landscape without needing the technical skills of a skier.
Modern snow-shoes are lightweight and it takes just a few minutes to become comfortable.  Snow-shoeing is one of the best ways to explore the mountains in winter. Anyone can do it and the walks can be as demanding or easy as you like.  Have fun, without your ski boots on!

Husky dog sledding

Be in charge of your own sled and team of excitable husky dogs, driving them along forest paths. After a brief explanation of how to make your husky team stop and start (you shout “mush!”) with strict instructions not to let go of the sled if it turns over as the dogs would disappear for hours.
Your huskies will want to keep up with their doggy mates, so it’s a breathless scramble to keep the sled upright, controlling the speed downhills and hanging on for dear life when you tear around corners. When going uphill you have to help the dogs and push the sled, so this could be quite hard work.


This is a truly amazing experience and what better place to try it than in the stunning surroundings of Morzine and see Mont Blanc, the Dents Blanches and the Dents du Midi.
All flights are tandem, this is where you take to the skies accompanied by an instructor. The instructor will control where you go, aiming to catch thermals which will keep you airborne for longer. When you are coming back to earth, the landing is also very gentle and no more of an impact than jumping off a step.

Massage and Physiotherapy

We work with two companies that have fully qualified therapists who will visit  you in the comfort of your chalet.
Mountain Rehab – offer a wide range of services from physiotherapy, sports to deep tissue massage.  You can book direct by calling 0033 637 130264 or visit their 
website – Mountain Rehab.

Ice hockey

Watch the Morzine team – The Penguins, race around the rink, winning goals, fighting with other players and generally being great entertainment!

Meal night

An ideal solution to chalet night off or a break from self-catering to try some traditional Savoyard mountain food and wine, followed by an ice hockey match if you want some post dinner sporting action!


Morzine has a perfect blend of shops selling traditional Savoyard fayre, gifts, pottery, wood and slate sculptures all hand-made locally. Fashionable sports shops, luxurious boutiques, perfumeries, jewellers and lingerie stores are available for those who want to shop till they drop. All shops are open until 7pm, allowing for a full days skiing followed by an evening’s shopping!