Booking conditions

Ski Morzine Limited (trading as Ski and Summer Morzine) "the Company" is a Tour Operator which provides "accommodation only" services.

The scope of our holidays falls outside of The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 (‘PTR 2018’).  Any ancillary Tourist Services provided by us are considered to be an insignificant proportion of your holiday costs, hence fall outside of the definition of the (PTR 2018).

Please read these booking conditions carefully. Any reservation will be accepted on the basis that these conditions have been read and agreed.

The following conditions, in conjunction with the information contained within the website pages, together with details in your Booking Confirmation email forms your contract with Ski Morzine Limited (the Company). Any waiver of any of these clauses by the Company will not bind the Company to any subsequent waiver or otherwise affect the Company’s position.

BEFORE BOOKING please ensure that you have appropriate travel insurance to cover you and your party for all medical, repatriation and enforced extension costs to your ho0liday for any reason including COVID-19.

BEFORE TRAVELLING please check with the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) website for then the latest advice on travelling to your destination.

1. Confirming a booking

  • (a) Any monies paid by you to party leaders or group organizers are held by these persons solely as your agent(s) and your booking is not considered a “confirmed booking” by us until such time as the Company has received these monies.
  • (b) On booking you must pay a deposit if booking before twelve (12) weeks of departure or the total accommodation cost if booking within twelve (12) weeks of departure.
  • (c) A binding contract comes into existence when we accept your deposit or, in the case of bookings made within 12 weeks of departure, we give you verbal confirmation (which will be followed by written confirmation).  The price of your booking is then fixed and non-negotiable.  Any discretionary discounts or subsequent special offers cannot be applied retrospectively.
  • (d) For all bookings made within twelve weeks of departure, the accommodation is confirmed as soon as verbal confirmation is given over the phone and, therefore, if you subsequently cancel your booking, cancellation charges as shown in Condition 4(a) apply.
  • (e) The person making the Booking warrants to the Company, as a fundamental term of the contract, that he or she has the authority of each party member (and when a party member is less than 18 years old the authority of a parent or legal guardian) to contract with the Company on behalf of each such member on the basis of these conditions and that all such persons are aware of these conditions and have agreed to be bound by them.
  • (f) Where the booking is for a large group, the Company will request a damage/breakage/excessive cleaning deposit of £500 to cover any additional costs incurred in accommodating the party. The deposit will be returned within fourteen (14) days of the party leaving resort, less any actual damage/breakage/excessive cleaning costs incurred.
  • (g) This contract shall be governed by English Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.
  • (h) No additions, deletions, changes or promises may be made relating to these conditions save in writing by a Director of the Company.
  • (i) No amendment, deletion or addition to the price or content of your accommodation will be binding on the Company unless confirmed in writing by a Director of the Company.
  • (j) Unless otherwise agreed, all payments must be made in GBP Sterling by bank transfer to the companies account.
  • (k) Please note that due to insurance and Health & Safety regulations in France, all of our chalets are non-smoking chalets and we regret that no pets are allowed under any circumstances.

2. Payment

  • (a) All deposits paid are non-refundable.
  • (b) A financial statement will be included in the Guest Portal  – ‘My Holiday Booking’ and can be inspected at any time by you. No reminders will be sent and the full amount outstanding must be received by the Company no less than 12 weeks before departure (or immediate on booking for bookings taken 12 weeks or less before departure).
  • (c) Should your final invoice be inaccurate due to amendments; this does not permit late payment of the true final balance which remains due 12 weeks prior to departure.
  • (d) If the Company does not receive deposits and/or the full amount outstanding on the final invoice by/on the due dates(s) the Company reserves the right at its absolute discretion and at any subsequent time before departure to treat the booking as cancelled by you and charge cancellation charges in accordance with the scale set out in Condition 4. In such cases a written notice of cancellation and a cancellation invoice will be sent to you.
  • (e) All payments and updates to the Guest Portal must be received by the Company by the due dates. The Company reserves the right to make an administrative charge of £25 per person should this not be strictly adhered.
  • (f) The person signing the booking form accepts all responsibility for payment of in-resort services, including bar bills, by every member of his/her party. Should a member of the party fail to pay for their in-resort services then the amount owed to the Company or its in-resort suppliers will be deducted from the security deposit provided by the party leader.
  • (g) In the event that there are debts remaining after the departure of the party from the resort, the Company will make an administrative charge of £25 for each debt in order to cover increased administration costs to recover the debts. Where it is necessary to seek legal assistance to recover any debts, the cost of such legal assistance will be added to such debt.

3. Prices and surcharges

  • (a) There will be no surcharges the accommodation prices quoted in our online brochure (website).  Once you have booked your accommodation and paid the deposit, the basic price of your accommodation as shown on your invoice cannot be increased (except because of earlier error) and will not be subject to any price amendments, unless you change your booking after confirmation and/or fail to meet payment schedules as outlined in the brochure and in these booking conditions.  Our reservation staff will be able to confirm the correct price of your accommodation before you make your booking and, once confirmed, the basic price of your accommodation cannot be increased nor decreased.
  • (b) The final cost of pre-bookable lift passes cannot be confirmed until final prices have been agreed with the relevant lift companies, usually in the September of each year, when tariffs for the next winter season are published.  Whilst we believe our lift pass prices are competitive, in resort prices may differ especially if special offers are made by the resort authorities, or because of exchange rate variances. In such events we regret that refunds cannot be made.
  • (c) No surcharges are levied in the event of any unfavourable fluctuations in the components of your holiday cost. Similarly, no refunds are possible in the event of any favourable fluctuations.
  • (d) The prices, offers and information stated on our website are valid at the time of publication.  We reserve the right to increase or reduce these prices or amend these offers or information at any time after publication and in future editions of the brochure.  You will be advised of any change at the time of booking.

4. Cancellation and amendments

  • (a) If you wish to cancel or amend all or any part of your booking you should advise the Company in writing as soon as possible.  Any changes to the booking (such as name changes, date changes) may incur an amendment fee of £25 per change. A cancellation or amendment is effective only when received in writing by the Company from the person making the booking.  Any new person added to the booking will be considered as if he/she were present on the original booking.
  • (b) The following cancellation charges are applicable to all monies paid or due:
    • More than 12 weeks before departure, the Deposit received or due is forfeited.
    • 12 weeks or less before departure the total invoiced holiday price is forfeited.
  • (c) If we do not receive your completed My Booking portal 21 days before your arrival in resort we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £25 per person additional administration charge.

5. Travel insurance

It is a condition of booking with us that you and all your party members take out the highest level of suitable winter/summer activity sports travel insurance, from a reputable provider, which must at least contain but not limited to, the following:  Please note that if you do not take out this insurance, your booking with us will be invalid and the cancellation charges (see Paragraph 4) will apply from the date you inform us that cover is not in place.

  • Emergency Medical Expenses including amongst other costs; mountain rescue, ambulance charges and repatriation.
  • Cancellation or Curtailment of your trip.
  • Loss of baggage, money and any other expenses that could be incurred – including the additional costs of enforced extension to your holiday.
  • Missed or cancelled flights.
  • Legal expenses.
  • Personal accident.
  • Loss of service for reasons outside the control of the client or the company (including force majeure and Acts of God).
  • Personal Liability to include, amongst other liabilities; damage caused by your negligence and that of your party members to the property in which you are staying and may not include a clause which restricts actions being taken by a travelling companion other than family and must include contractual liability of the party leader for the actions of your party.
  • Travel and transfer delays which must include amongst other costs; additional costs incurred in the event of a delay.
  • The policy must include the activities you are likely to do and in particular off-piste skiing with or without a guide (it is possible to ski off-piste inadvertently).
  • The policy must cover the period from the date of booking to the last day of your trip and may not have a clause allowing the insurer to cancel the insurance except in unusual circumstances e.g. fraud and misrepresentation.

In the event that you fail to obtain suitable travel insurance we shall not be liable for any costs incurred or claims made against us due to your failure to comply with this term.

We can provide you with a link to a broker who provides insurance cover for the above eventualities, but you MUST ensure that any insurance you take out meets your own requirements.  We do NOT recommend a specific policy.

6. If there is a change in plan

  • (a) Whilst the Company will at all times endeavour to satisfy client’s requirements, nevertheless, because of changing circumstances, the Company reserves the right to make alterations to accommodation and website details both before and after any booking has been confirmed.  If, for any reason, details of your booked accommodation have to be changed before departure, the Company will inform you as early as possible.
  • (b) Most changes, if necessary, will be minor. Occasionally, we have to make a significant change to confirmed accommodation. In the event of a significant change, you will be offered the choice of (i) accepting the change, or (ii) purchasing other accommodation, of at least comparable standard if available (and you paying a supplement or receiving a refund in respect of any price difference), or (iii) deferring your holiday to a mutually agreed later date.
  • (c) On rare occasions a ski area may be without snow. Snow is, of course, totally outside of the Company’s control and a lack of snow will not constitute a significant change.

7. If we cancel your accommodation

  • (a) We reserve the right at our absolute discretion to cancel your accommodation up to the date when payment of the final balance of the price becomes due (normally not less than 12 weeks before your scheduled departure date).  We shall only cancel after that date if: you fail to pay any of the deposits or final balance in full and on time, or it becomes necessary to do so as a result of circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to those amounting to ‘Force Majeure’ as defined in Condition 8.
  • (b) If we are forced to cancel your accommodation (other than due to your default in payment), the Company will offer you the choice of alternative accommodation, of at least comparable standard, if available, (and you paying a supplement or receiving a refund in respect of any price difference) or deferring your holiday to a mutually agreed later date.
  • (c) Very rarely, the Company may be forced to curtail your accommodation after departure where circumstances arise amounting to ‘Force Majeure’ as defined in Condition 8. We reserve the right to do so and regret we cannot make any refunds or pay any compensation or be responsible for any cost or expenses incurred by you as a result.
  • (d) We also reserve the right to cancel your accommodation and evict you from the property with immediate effect, with no refund of any monies paid, if at any time during your stay if we deem your behaviour to be anti-social or criminal or leading to threats, perceived or real, to other guests, our neighbours or our staff.  The safety and comfort of our guests is paramount to the Company.

8. Force majeure

We regret that we cannot accept liability, or make any refunds or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances amounting to ‘Force Majeure’ or an Act of God.  These include any event which we, or the supplier of the service(s) in question, could not, even with all due care, foresee or forestall such as (by way of example and not by way of limitation) UK Foreign and Commonwealth (FCO) advice, war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, pandemic, fire, adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown and all similar events.

9. If you have a complaint

If you have a complaint about any aspect of the service provided by us, you must report this immediately to our Resort Manager and also to the supplier of the service in question, so that action can be taken to resolve the matter. If the complaint cannot be resolved, then please follow it up with a letter to the Company within 28 days of returning from your holiday.  The Company cannot accept liability in respect of any claims not notified to ourselves and to our supplier in accordance with this clause.

10. Inventory deposit

(Self-Catered Accommodation Only) In order to comply with the letting contract between the Company and the accommodation owners a deposit of £250 against damage, loss or breakages will be required.  Deposits are payable in advance and may be made by credit/debit card or in cash. We regret personal cheques are not acceptable. You should contact our Resort Management team during your stay to discuss an end-of-stay inspection. Inventory deposits are normally refundable in full within seven days of your departure from the resort providing that the accommodation is left without defect.  Where a deduction is necessary your deposit, less any amount needed to make good the loss or damage, will be returned to you within one calendar month of you leaving the resort, together with a schedule of the deductions (if applicable).

11. In the resort

The Company accepts no liability for any accident, losses or suffering arising for any reason. The Company’s staff may offer assistance where possible but such assistance is free and unqualified and carries no liability whatsoever.  You are strongly advised to ensure that you are adequately insured both for personal injury and material loss/damage.

11.1 Behaviour and Conduct

  • (a) In our properties, we expect that our guests will behave courteously and politely towards each other, towards our neighbours and towards our staff. Abusive, threatening or unsocial behaviour will only go to spoil the holiday experience of others and will not be tolerated. In extreme cases, eviction from the chalet may result.
  • (b) In order to comply with French licensing laws, it is forbidden to bring your own alcohol into any of our catered chalets and consume this in a public area.
  • (c) Consumption of alcohol by minors is forbidden under French Law. The appropriate legislation is displayed in all our chalets.

12. Self-catered accommodation

In no circumstances may you exceed the maximum stated number of guests in an apartment.  This is a fire hazard and is illegal. By breaking, the law you are risking forcible eviction by the local Gendarmerie.

13. Airport transfers

Our accommodation prices exclude airport transfers from/to Geneva International Airport.  We may be able to arrange for you to be met at Geneva International Airport for an additional charge.  If you ask us to arrange this, your contract will be directly with the transport provider and NOT with Ski Morzine Limited.  Any such arrangements we make for you will fall outside of PTR 2018.

Airport Transfers are normally booked on your behalf with ‘Skiidy Gonzales’, a trading name of PSB Projects SARL of 1673, rue de la Plagne, 74110 Morzine, France, with us acting as their Agent. The contract will then exist between you and them and is subject to their Booking Conditions which can be found HERE

All guests are met on the SWISS side of the airport. If you have asked us to arrange your airport transfer, it is your responsibility to inform us in writing at least 21 days before your holiday commencement date of the incoming and outgoing flight details (date, flight number, arrival/departure time).  If you do not do this then the Transfer company cannot guarantee to meet you. Any additional costs involved in arranging for a vehicle to collect you from the airport under these circumstances will be charged to you at cost.

14. Activity holidays

Where the Company provides an ‘Activity Holiday’ (Summer or Winter) using external instructor(s) or course leader(s); special limitations apply to any claim made against the Company. If you are dissatisfied with the accommodation provided for you by the Company, then you should follow the procedure described in Paragraph 9 above. If, however, you have a complaint about the service provided by the external supplier(s), you must verbally report this to the Company’s representative in resort DURING your holiday and receive a written acknowledgement of your complaint. The Company will raise your complaint with the supplier immediately and attempt to reach a mutually agreeable outcome between you and the supplier within 14 days of the completion of your holiday. In any event, the maximum compensation for any default in the supply of an externally provided service is limited to the price you paid for the holiday less any accommodation costs (as defined by the normal price list shown on our website), less the cost of any additional services provided to you during your holiday). Your booking on any ‘Activity Holiday’ is accepted by us on the basis that you have read, understood and have agreed the limitations to any compensation you may be due as defined within this paragraph.

15. Local taxes

The Mayor’s office charges a local tax (currently between €0.80 and €2.50 per person per day) for all those aged 16+ years. This tax is included in the price quoted for your catered and self-catered accommodation.  Hotels will charge you this tax on your departure.

16. Our website and property descriptions

We have taken great care in the production of our online brochure and accompanying literature but regret that we cannot be held responsible for circumstances outside of our control such as public holidays, religious festivals, maintenance work to, breakdown of, or closure of lift systems, adverse weather conditions, alterations to the furnishing of properties made by the owners, nor guarantee the working of equipment such as televisions, telephones, etc.  If any change becomes apparent which we believe will materially affect the enjoyment of your holiday, then we will notify the party leader immediately it is brought to our attention.

17. Special offers

  • Special offers are applicable to new bookings only from the advertised date of promotion and valid until the advertised close date
  • Special offers cannot be applied retrospectively and do not apply to high season dates
  • Offers cannot be taken in conjunction with any other offers unless specified
  • Special offers apply to our catered chalets (excluding our season chalet) and self-catered apartments only and not to hotels advertised on our site